Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who's keeping who?

The first pages of Holy Scripture contain a dreadful saying which people use an excuse for themselves: Am I my brother’s keeper?” This question, with its implication of irresponsibility permeates the whole history of humankind and the life of each of us. Each of us has to take issue with such reasoning : ‘My horizon is limited. So-and-so is no concern of mine. I can take no responsibility for him.’ How cleverly we try to pass this off as logic, but in our heart, faithfulness says: That is not true. We are obligated to do everything we can for others, for friends and strangers alike. Jesus impressed this upon us, in his moving way when He said that everyone who needs us is our neighbor. Everything we do for anyone is also done for Jesus and will receive it’s blessing from Him. Albert Schweitzer

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