Friday, December 2, 2011

One of those days...that God gives us more opportunities to love Him

To love another person is to help them love God. Soren Kierkegaard

Some days you wake up and just want to go back to bed. Today was kind of like that. I've been fighting something and for the first time in weeks, I truly felt drained of all energy. But today was not a day for resting. The worst health attacks on the children since being here all seemed to coalesce into one non-perfect storm. Fevers, coughs, stomach aches, staph infections marked by huge underarm boils, children with suspected AIDS/TB being passed on from clinic to clinic for inconclusive tests...and then Ericsson.

I posted earlier ( about how I had 'missed it' in loving this lone boy and God surely gave me opportunity to make up for it today. The poor guy was in so much pain today that he was crying for 4 hours. It all began with a slight fever and stomachache which I treated with prayer and children's acetaminophen. Eventually that slowed his crying down to a whimper, but two hours later he appeared with a swollen left eyelid and hives all over his body.

The crying began in earnest once again.
I rushed upstairs to find we had no benadryl, but thankfully I had a few personal tablets in my computer case. As I returned down the stairs, I ended up falling/slipping past the last four onto the concrete below due to the darkness (no electricity). I sat on the hard floor holding my ankle for a while and praying, and then got up and continued on with my mission of healing.

Ericcson was trying to scratch his skin off, so I doused him with calamine lotion. The tears continued for 2 more hours while the benadryl ever so slowly did its work. I gathered all the children around him and everyone prayed for him as well as surrounded him with songs of praise to our King. The pastor came and prayed authoritative healing prayers. All the while, Ericcson had his head in my lamp while he cried and whimpered and I stroked his head and body trying to comfort him with love.

Eventually I had to attend to other kids and as I heard him continue to cry, my heart was breaking. Honestly, partly it is because the sound of crying and pain is not a pleasant sound (I don't like suffering!)- and I just wanted it to stop. Partly because I was frustrated that my efforts in prayer and medical methods didn't seem to be helping a whole lot.

But most importantly, because God was reminding me what an 8 yr old boy in an ocean of girls must feel like when he needs comfort but has no mommy and daddy. I did my best and ached as it didn't feel like enough, but I suspect all mommy's experience that at times.

Yup, some days in Haiti you wanna go to bed as soon as the day begins, but God has other plans.


  1. Hmmm, some people say they can't post a comment, so I'm trying myself now and we will see if it post.

  2. Prayers being sent your way Melinda!
    Love Nae

  3. Sounds like God put Ericsson (and you)there in that orphanage for such a time as this. Imagine him getting sick like this in that work camp where the other boys are. Praying for you, and him, and ALL the others for healing and strength. God bless you in doing His work caring for these orphans.

  4. What a day! I know you are giving it your all and I'm sure the children realize it too. Keep loving em - of course I know you don't need that word of encouragement - just supporting you. Do find a way to get yourself some rest - even Jesus had to turn aside at times to be strengthened. Trust God to do what you can't - He is always there - even when you are sleeping! Praying with all the pray-ers. Love ya. D

  5. Hey, Melinda! We haven't actually met (yet), but I wanted to say thanks for sharing. And thanks for loving God's beautiful children down in Haiti the way I SO want to when God lets me get down there.

  6. Thank you for opening this blog and writing, I think it will really open a lot of peoples eyes to whats really happening, and what its like over there. I can honestly not imagine being in their situation, and some of the depths of feelings that must go along with what they walk through each and every day. So much to teach this side of the world, that is for sure!

    I think you have a lot of gems, pearls of wisdom and stories to tell that will give people a sense of "wake up", to seeing what people really do have and also what life is really about. Maybe a reality to what you as missionaries go through as well, and that insight for people who have not worked in the mission field before (like me), is truly precious as it gives a "glimpse" and sight into what its like and what you do / are doing over there.

    Remember, even if it doesn't appear a lot of people are or may be following the journal now... It is a record for you, but its also something that I think will 'catch on' along the way. As more people click onto it, and word spreads, I think people will read right back through your writing. Keep it up, I reckon God will bless it, and you! Hopefully bring more support for the orphans and missionaries too.


    Love Kylee xox

  7. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement!